National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation
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1.I need the latest map of the land where I reside? How do I get it?

2.What do I do if I want to visit your office to see the activities of NATMO?

3.I want a satellite data derived map of the current year. How can I get it?

4.I am able to view a map, but, I am not authorised to download it? How can I get the map?

5.I need a paper map in A0 size and I do not have a large printer, how do I get it from NATMO?

6.What are the terms and conditions of studies conducted using NATMO map and publishing a paper in a Journal?

7.I have done a Six (6) Months Certificate Course on Applied Remote Sensing & GIS how can I serve NATMO?

8.I have done a Three (3) Months Certificate Course on Digital Image processing, how can I serve NATMO?

9.I have done a Course in Applied Remote Sensing & GIS Admission, how can I serve NATMO?

10.Can I buy online map products of NATMO with online e-payment through credit card?

11.Can I use the NATMO maps for commercial purposes?

12.Do you take suggestions for new map requirements?

13.Whom should I contact for content related queries?

14.How often is your site updated?

15.I am a Class XII student. What should I learn to become a Cartographer?

16.Can I prepare a map and give it to NATMO for publishing on your web site?

17.Can I report an error on the map? If yes, how and what is the procedure?

18.What research activities are currently going on in the field of Cartography and Mapping at NATMO?