National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO);  implicated thematic mapping at local, regional, national & international levels under the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. It has established National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and national spatial data to provide a common window to access the geospatial data generated by various organisations. NATMO has conceived and published more than eight hundred themes under the broad category of physical, social, economic, environmental disciplines. So it has the largest repository of spatial and non-spatial data processed with greater accuracy for delivering good quality products.


To ensure precision and value addition, NATMO keeps pace with the most modern technologies viz. GIS, GPS and Remote sensing. NATMO has adopted an automated mapping technique and understands need of a single window access mechanism to all its spatial data sets for the stakeholders. Through the Digital transformation, the Geo-portal showcases all its publications on various themes to the various map users spread across the internet as geospatial information and map services. It provides access to all the available spatial data/ metadata sets.


The broad objective of the organisation is to prepare atlases and thematic maps of the country to cater the various needs of administrators, planners, politicians, researchers, students, and the people at large. Now this web-based GIS application; digitally transformed the data and map services generated through the projects / publications and all the Thematic Maps and Atlases are available in the public domain through the Enterprise Geo-portal.


Enterprise Geo-portal

Enterprise Geo-portal is an architecture that integrates geospatial data and services. This single scalable architecture encompasses multiple complementary products for both end users and developers.  It is a generic platform for dealing with geographic information and processes from the desktop to the server to the Internet to mobile devices. An Enterprise Geo-portal has a role base access and the data/ metadata/ services can be accessed by the users under the data dissemination policy of the Ministry/Organisation. It has OGC standard with services namely WMS, WFS etc. Various themes conceived include physiography, hydrology, climate, administrative, political, social, agricultural, industrial, cultural & economic scenario of the nation and the spatio-temporal changes happening in the country.


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