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Terms And Conditions

The NATMO Spatial Data Repository (SDR), developed and maintained by NATMO, Department of Space to enable data cataloguing, sharing, retrieving etc. in a decentralized mode from respective State SDR of NE region. The major of the NATMO is to empower the Governance activities of the User Departments of NE region by delivering relevant geospatial data, information and knowledge as well as the Applications oriented value added services.

The NATMO is populated with data pertaining to Natural resources, Infrastructures, Disaster management support, action plan etc. generated under different projects of ISRO/DOS/SRSACs and other Central/State Government agencies for the states of NE region. The communication link between Central Node and respective State Node is through Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enable data cataloguing, sharing, retrieving etc. in a decentralized mode from the respective State SDR.

The access to the visualization of NATMO data is free for all; however only registered Government (State/Central) Users can request for download of a specific dataset via Authorization form signed by the Head of the User Department. The privileged for downloading of any such dataset shall be enabled as per the existing data sharing policy of ISRO/DOS. Access to, and use of the NATMO requires the acceptance of the following general terms and conditions.


Users of NATMO are solely responsible for interpretations made from the data of NATMO. NATMO/DOS and SRSACs of NE region do not warrant results you may obtain by using the data from this. Data received from NATMO via external sources does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data or accepts no responsibility or liability for any consequences arising from the use of these. Sufficient care was taken to provide and integrate information from various sources in a reliable manner for value addition in the. However, NATMO/DOS/SRSACs do not take responsibility for any errors. The user shall not indemnify NATMO for any loss; claims and conclusions drawn out of the direct use of the data or value added product generated using the data/services by them or by any other third party. NATMO/DOS/SRSACs disowns liability for issues that might emerge due to use of data for any commercial and/or legal purposes. It is also expected that users should notify us for any errors or inaccuracies if they find. NATMO reserves the right for any modification, change on the content or discontinuation of any services without prior notice.

NATMO User’s Obligation

None of the users have the right to misuse or interfere the services of the NATMO.

Access availability to data, services and other external links

The NATMO is enriched with large number of data, web services, applications and external data links for the benefit of the various user groups. However, the quality of the data cum services of the external sources are not verified; it is suggested to all the users to verify the data as well as services before utilizing for any operational planning activities.


Browsing details of the registered users are stored at NATMO, other non-registered users can visualize only few basic layers. The details (Name, Address, email id, phone number etc.) of the registered users shall not be shared to anyone; however, the details may be provided to the concerned Government Authority as per the Government of India guidelines. While disabling cookies in the browser, user should find that most of the services work properly, but some services that rely on cookies will not work properly.